From Shot to Call

Sweet arias accompanied by
melancholy strings.
Songs of eld and their triumphant muses
sing their despondent tunes.
A bell tolls to the far east.
A shiver runs down a well-braced spine,
and his lucid dreaming mixes with reality.

Slowly shake the walls loose of this
desolate and desperate debris.
Monotony, monotonous, it’s all the same to me.

Seemingly soundless specters haunt
these grim and sorrowful halls.
The paint is peeling, time keeps ticking,
and my heart just keeps beat, beat, beating away…
Beating away to the silent despair of these ruins.

How does it feel to finally be
on the outside looking in?
Do you finally understand
the true meaning of loneliness yet?

Mirrors taunt and toy with my heart
as they proudly plaster a perpetual smile on my face.
A sad, forlorn, and abandoned smile.
An empty smile, devoid of all truth.

Salty tears fall, just as an angel falls from grace.
Bitter and resentful, the mirror shatters,
and along with it, my beautiful illusions.

Trivial trials come to pass,
and the second hand on the clock in my heart
ticks slower than ever.
Submitting to the numbness is harder than it sounds.
Abandoned of any emotion, I become a living doll;
a walking corpse, still smiling that same, lonely half-smile.

You see, redundancy and perseverance
are my deadliest weapons.
Pair those with guilt, and I’ll slit your throat.

After all, the sole thing you wished for
was to die by my hands.
These hands you loved so much.

But do not shed tears, for this was not a loss.
Merely take things one disaster at a time.

I will always forgive, my love,
but I shall never forget.
The truth will set us free.

I profusely apologize for your mistakes.
I just cant seem to get it right.