Ashes are falling.
Weighing down the gloomy petals of those asphalt flowers.
Broken China and glass houses…
No, you’ll never change.

Begging to bloom, and struggling to live,
those asphalt flowers finally give in.
Oh, I’m such a sadist.
But those flowers are masochists.
They wept for it.

Tumbleweed rolls across the wasteland of my mind.
That sad, sad smile always broke my porcelain heart.

They say that mirrors never lie.
Yeah, well I never cry so why, oh why does my mirror taunt me so with tears?

A break, a heart, a name, a drop.
Don’t you dare forget my name.
When I’m gone you’ll thank your lucky stars,
but I’ll come haunt you in your sleep.

No, you’ll never change.

Scared of love, scared of life, scared of the future, present, and past.
It’s such a wonder you can ever love yourself…

The tree that we lay under is dying.
Mottled brown leaves fall and crumble in my hand.
Didn’t you say you wouldn’t abandon me?
Didn’t you?
You’re nothing but a lie.
And I wouldn’t even be surprised if you were just a figment of my desperate imagination.

Fantasy mixed with surreality blur the lines.
I don’t know anything anymore.
Oh, but I used to know the world.
We sang our songs, we played our games,
but it’s time to retire.

Twilight beckons, and the sun fades to that blue.
Yes, that blue that reminds me of your eyes, your shirt… you.

I wave my white flag
and sigh. I always get stuck with the dirty work.
You can’t afford to soil those perfect hands.
But I know you better than you know yourself,
and we both know that your hands are far from clean.

And I wonder, I wonder,
how many lives you’ve ruined.
Tea leaves swirl and smoke rises and raindrops soak my skin.
Drinking tea always relaxed me
while I was burning bridges in a storm.

Yet, I cannot thank you enough
for being the thorn among the roses.
I’ll disappear. And maybe now and then
you’ll think of me and wish you hadn’t…

Goodbye, it’s time to let the flowers have their chance at life now…