Lullabies and Demons

She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on.
Dying inside isn’t as easy as it sounds.
Stripping the layers, one by one,
watching memories fade and wither.

She picks up the cracked and faded
pieces of her once pure heart.
Wistfully, longingly, she takes out
a demon from her pocket.

This demon asks her what
her one true desire is.
And she just stares out the window
into the cold, black sea.

Trance-like, she whispers,
"Be mine forever…"
And this cursed demon hesitates
and cries.

And she smiles and cries happy tears
as she slowly sinks, floating, falling
into the great abyss in her mind.
Never stopping; never faltering.

Her last words still haunt the stiff air:
"Don’t cry out… No, not for me."